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There are many supplements that are marketed on false pretenses. People make huge, unsubstantiated claims without any evidence to support them. Only 24% of testosterone boosting supplements have data to back their claim.  This is not the case with Tongkat Ali. There are numerous independent clinical trials that have been conducted on Tongkat to test its efficacy. Here you can find a summary of the results we found. We encourage you to do your own research on the matter.

Study on Testoserone

9 seperate studies have been carried out between the years 2000-2021.  The 2021 study was carried out on men with an average age of 24 while other studies have included men in their 70's.

All 9 studies found the test subjects increased their testosterone levels, while placebo groups that didn't take Tongkat Ali did not.  

The shortest study was just 2 weeks long and proved that testosterone levels are raised after just 2 weeks. However, the longer studies proved to be more effective with the largest gains made between weeks 12 and 24.  One such study included a man who's Testosterone reading increased by 582% and a woman who's reading increased by 600%

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Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

This study begins by stating that. Previous studies had already "shown properly-standardized TA to stimulate release of free testosterone, improve sex drive, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being."  

In this trial they studied 32 men and 31 women who complained of feeling moderate levels of stress. 

The results were as follows: Significant improvements were found in the TA group for Tension (−11%), Anger (−12%), and Confusion (−15%). Stress hormone profile (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was significantly improved by TA supplementation, with reduced cortisol exposure (−16%) and increased testosterone status (+37%).

Natural Wellness Egypt - 2022

This is a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study on taking Tongkat Ali for the improvement of sexual well-being and quality of life in men. Details can be found on 

This trial is ongoing and results will be posted here when available.

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